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Ep. 94 First Time Readers with Stuck on Arrakis

September 25th, 2020

Whether it is reading a book series, watching television shows, movies, or YouTube videos, there have always been those people that tells you what happens before you see it for yourself. Spoilers. Mortal enemy to all those who consume stories in every medium. When faced with such a threat, we must consult with the subject matter experts on how to best combat the threat. This time, that expert is Stuck on Arrakis. Hook up your phone to the bluetooth of your car and enjoy listening to your favorite tainty bois, and our amazing guest this episode, as we discuss how to navigate a fandom full of spoilers!

Stuck on Arrakis

Twitter: @stuckonarrakis


Intro Music Heroic Demise license by CC 3.0

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